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    The TopGear app has evolved and combines a dynamic interface with responsive content for the best user experience



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    Every product needs a product team: Product Management, Product Design & Product Engineering. Get in touch to find out how we can help

  • The App Lab is a digital product consultancy

    We love digital products and believe that they need ongoing attention in order to continuously delight their users. As such, our mantra is that every product deserves a product team and we offer this in a way that is accessible through a fractional model.


    The App Lab is a digital product consultancy focused on mobile and emerging technologies. Our team consists of all the product management, product design and product engineering skills needed to launch and run successful products and form a virtual team with our clients to provide the elements they are missing, as and when required, to ensure their products are successful. We define successful products as those that customers desire, are technically feasible and are commercially viable - and it is the balancing of these factors that is our focus.

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  • Recent Projects

    The Times International Edition

    The Best of Times powered by AEM Mobile

    The launch of the new Times of London Weekly app is the second major product release for The App Lab using the next generation Adobe AEM Mobile platform.


    The app delivers the best of The Times and The Sunday Times to people living outside of the UK and The App Lab’s role was to help the team at The Times realise their product vision, and to help make the workflow as efficient as possible.

    OK! for iOS, Android & Amazon

    Bespoke iOS & Android Development

    The App Lab worked with Northern & Shell to deliver their first native iOS, Android and Amazon application driven by a content API. 


    A shared core architecture delivers remote configuration to reduce app releases and includes Twitter Fabric SDK for Crashalytics, Twitter install tracking, MoPub ads, Facebook install tracking and rendering of embedded content using Instagram and YouTube APIs.


    TopGear #madewithDPS

    The App Lab worked with the Top Gear team to innovate their mobile app product and created an experience for phone and tablet using Adobe DPS 2015 and WoodWing's HTML5 publishing tool, Inception.
    Read the interview and found out more here: http://adobe.ly/1PSMdUo

  • Partner Network

    Publisher 11

    The App Lab has partnered with Twixl Media to launch in the UK market and has worked closely with their development team on the first product created using Twixl Publisher 5, their next-generation mobile platform focused on:

    • Enhancing mobile user experience 
    • Increasing the flexibility and speed of publishing
    • Creating efficient workflows 

    Inception, Elvis, Enterprise & Digital Services


    The App Lab works with WoodWing's Inception HTML5 publishing system to deliver responsive content for multi-device and multi-platform distribution.


    We also have a strong partnership with the Digital Services team based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia who provide high-quality outsourced production services.


    Marketing Cloud, AEM & AEM Mobile

    The App Lab is a Business Level partner and works closely with the Adobe AEM Mobile team to create stunning mobile apps that make a business impact.


    Integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud, the AEM Mobile allows us to create apps that engage and excite while delivering measurable business ROI.



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