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Another app #madewithDPS

The launch of the new Times of London Weekly app is the second major product release for The App Lab using the next generation Adobe DPS platform. It is a move that highlights their successful involvement in the product development phase, putting them in prime position to deliver solutions for leading publishers such as News UK and the BBC.

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Craig Llewelyn-Williams, founder of The App Lab says, "When we became aware of Adobe platform changes being made in 2014, we made a decision to invest in the development. Our involvement from an early stage, and creating a launch product for TopGear meant we had the knowledge, experience and relationship with the Adobe product team to help launch The Times of London Weekly app on phone and tablet."

“The objective of the weekly app is to deliver the best of The Times and The Sunday Times to people living outside of the UK, from newspapers that are synonymous with quality journalism”, said Ben Tyler, Senior Consultant at The App Lab.

“Our part of the project was to help the team at The Times realise their vision, and to help make the workflow as production-efficient as possible. With only a short development period, The App Lab involvement was crucial in ensuring that all deadlines were met.”  

Nick Petrie, Deputy Head of Digital, The Times and The Sunday Times, said, "Using Adobe DPS2015 allowed us to bring a new idea to market much faster than we have before.  Working with Ben and Craig at the App Lab to get the most out of DPS in a short space of time was essential to the success of the project.  Ben brought both expertise and creativity to all of the challenges we faced and worked hand in hand with the editorial team to ensure we could deliver on our vision."